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We take care of combination systems

If you have a television-DVD player combination, it can be frustrating when one of the systems does not work. All Electronics Boise will repair all the problems!

Have a combo television? We are repair-ready

Your DVDs and Blu-ray movies are likely just as important as the television itself. If suddenly your DVD player has gone out, or if a movie has gotten stuck, give us a call at All Electronics Boise. We will get your system back in working order without any delays.


Feel free to bring us your machine or ask us out on a house call to get your DVD, VHS, or Blu-ray player repaired.

We perform repairs for:


We can repair old VCR systems!

• Blue Ray


• TV/VCR combos

• TV/DVD combos

Our repair service is:

• Reliable

• Fast

• Warrantied

• On site or in store repair

• 35 years of repair knowledge

Old and new, we repair it all: